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At the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, people left the rigors of farm life behind for jobs in the city.  Life seemed easier, but the population grew weak, and diseases of affluence emerged. The name Physical Culture pays homage to the 19th Century health and strength training movement born in resistance to the modern, sedentary lifestyle.

Today Physical Culture is needed more than ever. Humans are made to move, in multiple ways, and often. Through training we can build resilient bodies capable of handling anything life throws at us. Our mission at Physical Culture Paso Robles is to instruct you in the safest, most effective strength training and conditioning methods available.



Strength and


for Everyone.


  • Functional Range Assessment

    (Establishes Current Capabilities of Individuals)

  • Group Fitness Class

    (General Strength & Conditioning)


  • Athletic Development

    (Middle School to College Age Athletes)






At Physical Culture Paso Robles, we take the time to assess students' mobility issues before introducing exercises. Learning proper form and getting an appropriate dose (sets & reps) of an exercise in a given session — a small dose of venom — leads to longevity, vitality, and strength you can actually use. Below are some of the schools of training that are utilized and have greatly influenced Physical Culture Paso Robles.













StrongFirst is a school of strength developed by reverse engineering what strong people do naturally. Any education from a certified StrongFirst instructor in either kettlebell, barbell, or bodyweight strength training will speed up your technical mastery ten-fold. An hour long session can fix lifetime struggles, even if you never realized there was a struggle. PlanStrong and StrongEndurance are training programs to quickly and effectively address any of your strength or conditioning goals, both of which are also the  brain child of StrongFirst’s Pavel Tsatsouline.

USA Weightlifting is the governing body and gold standard in training for Olympic style weightlifting. If you want to learn how to Olympic style weightlift or compete you will need to find a coach certified by them. Look no further than our very own Jeremy Layport.

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is a mobility enhancement system/practice that can be used to prehabilitate or rehabilitate from injuries or to enhanced motor control, strength, and mobility. I don’t use the word flexibility because that is typically a passive modality that doesn’t lead to useable, controllable, ranges of motion or lasting physiological changes to structures or tissues. FRC is an incredible path to movement longevity.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a system designed by Grey Cook and Lee Burton to quickly assess how well someone is able to globally move, in order to prescribe appropriate exercises and doses, which helps prevent training injuries.

Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) is a system to establish proper neurological firing patterns of your muscles. Improper sequencing of muscle firing patterns can cause not only a loss of performance but injury. This system is based on the body’s overall need for proper breathing and locomotion.


“Strong people are harder to kill and generally more useful.”

- Mark Rippetoe 



Jeremy is the founder of Physical Culture Paso Robles. He is a certified StrongFirst Master Instructor with 14+ years of collegiate strength and conditioning experience. Jeremy is also a Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist, certified in Kinstretch, and a USA Weightlifting coach.

Jeremy has helped a wide and diverse range of people achieve higher levels of performance. Everyone is an athlete at heart, it just depends on to what degree that is expressed on a daily basis. Jeremy’s mission is to pass on his knowledge and experience to all that need it.


Physical Culture is based out of Paso Robles, California. We do athletic training and  group strength and conditioning classes for people of all ages and levels. Please contact us to learn more or schedule your first class with us now.

2917 Union Road, Suite F

Paso Robles, CA 93446


(805) 610-8900


Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

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